Statement of Rental Policy

· Equal Housing

Non-discrimination based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin and status with regards to public assistance is the comprehensive policy of the Company.

· Availability

Based on availability of specific apartments or units.

· Application

To be completed by each adult applicant without omissions or falsifications.

· Application Fee

A $40.00 per applicant non-refundable CASH fee must be paid by each applicant at the time of applying for the verification of information.

· Security Deposit

A $400-$750(Based on specific property applying for) Security Deposit in the form of check or money order must be paid at the time of applying.

· Credit Check

A completed check of credit history will be made. Must have satisfactory credit.

· Income

Monthly rent shall not exceed 33% of gross monthly income, Applicant must demonstrate a stable income (minimum of six months.) Allowance from parents, scholarships, study subsidies and/or inconsistent income such as alimony, commissions, or tips are not acceptable.

· Residence

Two landlord references are required. Present and previous references must show prompt payment records, sufficient notice given, good housekeeping, quite enjoyment, all rules and regulations followed, free of unlawful detainer or three-day notice action. (Family and/or friends are not sufficient Landlord references.) IF no landlord history, a qualified parent/legal guardian, or grandparent as a Co-signer is required. (Co-Signer must be living in the state or a connecting state of which property you are applying for, in order to qualify you must have sufficient income, and own a home and/or have 5+ years of good rental history.)

· Background Check

A criminal background check will be run on all applicants. Satisfactory history is required.

· Unlawful Drugs

Applicant must not use, distribute or manufacture unlawful substances.

· Age

No minors will be allowed to sign a lease.

· Occupancy Standards

No more than one (1) person in an efficiency apartment.
No more than two (2) persons in a one-bedroom apartment.
No more than four (4) persons in a two-bedroom apartment.
No more than six (6) persons in a three-bedroom apartment.

· Rental Payment

The monthly discounted rent is due on the first of each month. On the sixth, the non-discounted rent is due and court action will be taken. All returned checks will be assessed a $30.00 service charge plus applicable late rent charge as stated above.

· Cars

One (1) vehicle per Resident. All vehicles must have a parking permit to be on the lot and registered with the office. Unauthorized vehicles must be towed at owner’s expense.

· Insurance

Residents are required to carry renter’s insurance in the Florida and South Dakota markets. IT is highly recommended for residents in the Minnesota market to get renter’s insurance. A copy of the insurance coverage must be submitted to Management prior to scheduled move-in date, for the residents in the Florida and South Dakota market.

· Utilities

Service for utilities must be applied for and receipt of such services given to the Landlord on move-in day to receive keys.

· Miscellaneous

1. Recreational vehicles are not permitted on the lots.

2. Rules and regulations must be followed always.

3. Only artificial Christmas trees are allowed on the premises.

4. We do NOT prohibit smoking in the apartments.

· Pets

No animal pets of any kind are allowed or visitation of pets on the premises for any length of time.

* Request forms for Reasonable Accommodations are available upon request.